Because of the deep hand grip, it’s an easy camera to hold than the other point-and-shoots mentioned on our list. It isn’t as compact as a result, so it is a tradeoff, but for many, the classic feel is preferred. This point-and-shoot camera can go pretty much anywhere. It’s waterproof down to 50 feet without a separate case. It’s totally dust-proof, so it won’t suffer if you take it to the beach or deep in the desert. Plus, it’s crush-proof up to 220 pounds, so you can sit on it by accident and still go shooting later in the day. The writers and editors at Popular Science have decades of combined experience writing about and reviewing cameras because they’re also the writers and editors of Popular Photography.

Everything you need to know about getting a sharp image of the moon

I wanted to put together this list of photography resources and learning pathways for those who are looking for ways to improve their photography or just get a boost of inspiration. They’re not the only way to learn, just some examples of mine that tie in with eBooks + courses I offer and where I personally get tips and advice. As well as it being easier to personally excel in one niche, rather than many, there’s also marketing. If I also decided that I wanted to review art and sell books, how much harder do you think it would be to promote myself? When the niche is smaller, it’s easier to find your gap in the market. Most digital cameras feature a standard single-layer CMOS or CCD sensor. CMOS is a newer technology that allows for individual pixel readout and low power consumption.

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In this case, make sure that “half the hyperfocal distance” is in feet. So, if your hyperfocal distance is equal to twelve feet, that value should equal six. Note that, for “half the hyperfocal distance,” your figure needs to be in millimeters! So, if the hyperfocal distance is five meters, that value should equal 2500mm. In the next section (“Putting It into Practice”), I will show how to take such a large chart and shrink it down to match your equipment. For my 20mm lens, for example, the final chart is only ten rows tall and two columns wide. A splash of color, a hint of theme, or even matching outfits can add that extra touch of unity and visual appeal to your group photos.

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Capturing the Moon in Daylight Conditions

From the sensor, the live view is transmitted digitally to the electronic viewfinder or to the back screen. Some of the light reflects downwards through a secondary mirror into the autofocus sensor. For connecting their lenses to their camera bodies, each camera manufacturer has standard lens mounts. You can calculate it by dividing the focal length with the diameter of the lens . Prime lenses have theirs fixed, and the elements only move for focusing. The optical formula of a lens determines the image it can project onto a sensor. Through different optical formulas, it crafts the way the image is projected.

Drop it (too expensive and heavy for that with even small ball head. Lead it against myself – yes, but if I need to turn my body or crouch down she drops and off fly my “shot”. Try it and you will see that the strap isn’t for carrying the monopod only, it functions to minimize the monopod head from rotating on the foot as a pivot point. As pointed out in our review of the Oben CTM-2500 Monopod – some wrist straps can be too long resulting in your hand hand being off of the padded section of the leg.